Weather Band Transmitters in the PNW

Looking for a propagation indicator on 2M? Try the National Weather Service stations located throughout the Pacific Northwest. While they are a bit higher in frequency than the amateur 144-148 MHz band, they can prove useful in determining band openings.

All these stations broadcast continuous weather information, so are useable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

They’re also useful for their intended purpose: providing weather information when you’re out camping, boating, etc. Check them out. See the chart below for station specifics.

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City, State Call Freq Watts
Cle Elum, WAWXN21162.40075
Spokane, WAWXL86162.400100
Astoria, ORKEC91162.400100
Coos Bay, ORKIH32162.400330
Eugene, ORKEC42162.400100
Medford, ORWXL85162.400330
Pendleton, ORWXL95162.400330
The Dalles, ORWXM34162.400330
Forks, WAKXI27162.425300
Plymouth, WAWWH27162.425100
Puget Sound Marine, WAWWG24162.425100
Heppner, ORWWH28162.425100
Neahkahnie Mtn, ORWWF94162.42525
Richland, WAWWF56162.450100
Olympia, WAWXM62162.475100
Wenatchee, WAWXM48162.475100
Burns, ORKHB30162.475130
Mt. Ashland, ORWWF97162.475100
Salem, ORWXL96162.475100
Tillamook, ORWWF95162.47525
Bend / Redmond, ORWWF80162.500120
John Day, ORWNG560162.500100
Umatilla, ORWWF57162.500330
Davis Peak, WAWNG604162.525100
Dayton, WAKZZ73162.525300
Goldendale, WAWNG566162.525100
Okanagan, Tunk Mtn, WAWWF49162.52550
Neah Bay, WAKIH36162.550330
Seattle, WAKHB60162.550330
Yakima, WAKIG75162.550300
Brookings, ORKIH37162.550500
Fossil, ORWNG559162.550300
Klamath Falls, ORWXL97162.550100
Newport, ORKIH33162.550100
Portland, ORKIG98162.550330
Roseburg, ORWXL98162.550100

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