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2014 News

Sat, Dec 6, 2014

Barry K7BWH

Poodle Dog Breakfast

It was another fine breakfast on the Wet Side at the Poodle Dog in Fife, with 17 attending.

Oct 11, 2014

Barry K7BWH

Grand Prize Winners

Thanks to donated prizes by Icom, Yaesu and Directive Systems, we had great prizes at the 21st Annual PNW VHF Conference in Issaquah, Washington:

Oct 11, 2014

Barry K7BWH

Grand Prize Winners

Thanks to donated prizes by Icom, Yaesu and Directive Systems, we had great prizes at the 20th Annual PNW VHF Conference in Seaside, Oregon:

July 26, 2014

Jim K7YO

Lunch at Busters

We had a good turnout at the Buster's BBQ near HRO on Pacific Hwy, Portland/Tigard, at least for a warm summer day, anyway. And we collected a new member application from Kevin WH6KO. Thanks to Bruce, KI7JA, once again, for setting this up.

Attending: Lou WA7GCS, Ron N7EA, Kevin WH6KO, Bruce KI7JA, Bob K7GE, Mark K7MSU, Chuck AF8C?, AI9SU, Jerry K7GJT, Jim K7YO

Jim K7YO - Oregon Rep. PNWVHFS

July 9, 2014

Barry K7BWH

Poodle Dog Lunch with Larry N0LL

Thirteen people attended the lunch at Poodle Dog restaurant in Fife. Here are pictures of the group, and a closeup of our new members #500 and #501.

Lunch at the Poodle Dog Larry N0LL and Adam W2NCC

July 4, 2014

Barry K7BWH

New Online Conference Registration

Try our new online VHF Conference Registration page, the quick and easy way to sign up for the Oct 11-12, 2014 conference in Seaside, Oregon. You can choose the number of registrations and lunch guests, along with joining our annual group buy of engraved badges with the Society logo. The prices are calculated for you and it accepts all major credit cards. It is based on PayPal but a PayPal account is not necessary.

June 30, 2014

Jim K7ND

Over 500 Members!

Welcome to more new members: Adam W2NCC, Larry N0LL, Paul NS6V and Kevin K7ZS.

And special congratulations goes to our 500th member: Adam Barbera, W2NCC of Tumwater, WA.

The new online membership application is quite convenient.

June 20, 2014

Barry K7BWH

New Online Membership Application

Want a quick and easy way to join the Society? Try our new online membership application here. You'll be glad you did. All it takes is a few clicks and a tip'o the hat to PayPal and you're done. Our latest new member, John KG7CFV of St Helens, used it today and gosh it's easy.

Also, welcome to our new members John KG7CFV, Mark KE7MSU, James K7KQA, Richard WD6HDY, Mark KB7N, Glen VA7CV and Brian KE0CO.

April 26, 2014

Bruce KI7JA

Buster's BBQ Lunch, Portland, Oregon

There were 15 attending (including K7YO's non-ham son).
Busters BBQ Lunch Oregon From left around the table:
Gary K7GJT, Jerry K0JJ, Bob K7GE, Lou WA7GCS, Dave K7RWT, Ron N7EA, Kevin WH6KO, Bruce KI7JA (standing), Jim K7YO (standing), Chuck AF8Z, Marc KD7RYY, Mike KB7ME, Jim K7ND, Wayne AI9Q, and Jake taking the picture.

Bruce KI7JA

April 18, 2014

Tom Brown AB7TU

QLF Net Resumes in Portland Area

Join us at 8pm Wednesdays to hear NCS AB7TU and W7ZE keeping CW alive on 144.140. I'm using 50 watts to a vertically polarized antenna. CW speeds above 10 wpm.


April 7, 2014

Barry K7BWH

Spring VHF Sprints

New rules for the 2014 Sprint VHF & Up Sprints (off-site) have been posted to the official Central States VHF website. The events are:

144 MHz Monday, 4/7/14 7 - 11 PM local
222 MHz Tuesday, 4/15/14 7 - 11 PM local
432 MHz Wednesday, 4/23/14  7 - 11 PM local
902+ MHz  Saturday, 5/3/14 6 AM - 1 PM local
50 MHz Saturday, 5/10/14 Sat 2300z until 0300z Sunday, 5/11/14

Kent O'Dell, KA2KQM

March 5, 2014

Mike KK7N

Portland Area Nets

Updated times for the Portland Area nets by Mike KK7N.

At the beginning of February, we switched the bands and start times. It seems to be working better for me and the group seems to enjoy the change. The 222 MHz net on Wednesday is still in effect and no changes there.

Mike KK7N

February 22, 2014

Bruce KI7JA

Busters BBQ Lunch, Tigard, Oregon

17 attendees from the PNWVHFS:

WA7GCS Lou, AF8Z Chuck, AC7FT Dennis, K7NIT Rachel, K7RWT Dave, WB7RSG Greg, Bridgette (WB7RSG’s Daughter), KI7JA Bruce (taking picture), K7ATN Etienne, K7GE Bob, K0JJ Jerry, KE7IHG Steve, N7EA Ron, WH6KO Kevin, KB7ME Mike, K7BWH Barry, KB7ADO Bob (not in photo).

Thanks for everything. We'll have to do this again in late April or early May.

February 1, 2014

Barry K7BWH

Poodle Dog Breakfast, Fife, Washington

Quick summary of the Poodle Dog breakfast on Feb 1st:

We filled the back room with about 20 attending, for tons of good food and fabricated stories about the previous weekend's VHF contest. At breakfast there were:

Barry K7BWH, Bob W7BA, Bob N7QOZ, Dale KD7UO, Darryl WW7D, Dave KA7RRA, Etienne K7ATN, Gary WA7BBJ, Jerry K0JJ, Jim K7ND, John N7MWV, Mark W7PJ, Merle W7YOZ, Mike KD7TS, Randy N7HNX, Stan KG7P, Tom KE7SW, plus a few names that I missed or just plain got wrong, sorry.

It sounds like everyone had fun in the Jan VHF Contest. There were a more rovers and portable stations in the contest than usual, which is remarkable for a winter contest. Propagation was generally depressed by a temperature inversion and only a brief 6m opening was seen by a few. Sunday afternoon contest activity was reduced by big guys in tights playing football on TV. That's my contest war story and I'm sticking to it.

January 26, 2014

Mark Kanawati N4TPY

Help Needed for Satellite Tracking Station

SpaceQuest is looking for a Washington state ham for a satellite tracking station. Want to help? Read more and then contact Mark N4TPY (email)

January 23, 2014

Mid-Atlantic States VHF Society

Mid-Atlantic States VHF Conference

Mid-Atlantic States VHF Conference (off-site) on Sept 27-29, 2014 in Bensalem, Pennsylvaniea

January 11, 2014

Barry K7BWH

Photos for 2000 VHF Conference

New photos for 2000 VHF Conference.