22nd Annual
Pacific Northwest VHF Society Conference

October 7-8, 2016
Bend, Oregon

Shilo Inn, Bend, OR
Join other weak-signal VHF, UHF and Microwave operators for the 22nd Annual PNW VHF Society Conference!

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Questions? Contact Jim K7ND (email), Secretary PNWVHFS

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Shilo Inn Hotel

3105 O.B. Riley Road, Bend, OR 97703 See Google map (Directions) .

Book your hotel online or call Shilo Inn Suites at 541-389-9600.
They are holding a block of at least 40 rooms at $10 discount rate until Sept 7th.

Conference registration is $45 online. The cost is $55 at the door. Register online today.

Engraved Logo Society Badge is $15 before Sept 18. Read about our membership badge order here.
(This is an optional engraved membership badge; everyone receives a simple paper badge at no cost.)


Please check your registration and badge order. Contact Jim K7ND (email), Secretary PNWVHFS to make corrections.

Name From Extra
1 Jim  K7ND Fox Island, WA
2 James  K7KQA Burbank, WA
3 Chuck  N6KW Seattle, WA
4 Wayne  AI9Q Vancouver, WA
5 Bob  K7JBU Eagle Point, OR
6 William  N7EU Central Point, OR
7 Loren  WA7SKT Centralia, WA
8 Veda  KG7OOL Centralia, WA
9 Gabor  VE7JH Duncan, BC
10 Lisa  VE7BQQ Duncan, BC
11 Jim  K7CEX Centralia, WA
12 Geoff  W7JEZ Lacey, WA
13 Max  KF7MAX Bend, OR1
14 Bill  W7QQ Albuquerque, NM1
15 Mark  W7MEM Rathdrum, ID
16 Janet  XYL Rathdrum, ID
17 Tom  WA7TBP North Bend, WA
18 Guy  N7UN Battleground, WA
19 Paul  W6PNG San Francisco, CA
20 Salvatore  KA7ZDL Wenatchee, WA
21 Ed  N7BAV The Dalles, OR
22 John  VE7DAY Campbell River, BC
23 Leona  VE7LOE Campbell River, BC
24 Marshall  K5QE Hemphill, TX
25 Jerry  K0JJ Scappoose, OR
26 Marc  KD7RYY Vancouver, WA
27 Etienne  K7ATN Portland, OR
28 Don  K7HSJ Bend, OR
29 Don  WA7TEM Astoria, OR
30 Rick  KK7B Portland, OR
31 John  K7CVU Beaverton, OR
32 Bryan  N7VME Redmond, OR
33 Bob  K7TM Coeur d'Alene, ID1
34 John  W7FU Sammamish, WA1
35 Carl  KE7KPO Clayton, WA
36 Mark  KE7MSU Lake Oswego, OR
37 Dave  VE7HR Surrey, BC
38 AJ  WA7AJ Bend, OR
39 Paul  N7JPF The Dalles, OR
40 Ray  W7GLF Kirkland, WA
41 Ron  N7WMX Lake Oswego, OR
42 Mike  N7KSI Longview, WA
43 Trudy  VE7TJM Surrey, BC
44 Greg  K7YDL Hillsboro, OR1
45 Paul  KD7HB Crooked River Ranch, OR
46 Dave  K7RWT Portland, OR
47 Bob  W7PUA Corvallis, OR
48 Marvin  W7MSW Snohomish, WA
49 Alex  K7ALO Portland, OR
50 Paul  K7CW Tahuya, WA
51 Dave  W4DVE Vancouver, WA
52 Bob  W7BA Kent, WA
53 Bob  KD6UIH Jacksonville, OR
54 Hal  N7NW Fox Island, WA
55 Paul  N7JPF The Dalles, OR
56 Jessie  KB7PSG Seattle, WA
57 Mike  KB7W Bend, OR
58 Stan  KG7P Auburn, WA
59 Bob  W7AVK Othello, WA
60 David  KG7ZMX Toledo, OR
61 James  KI7EL Woodland, WA
62 James  K7YO Rainier, OR
63 Barry  AC7MD Port Orchard, WA
64 Jeff  KE7ACY Bend, OR
65 Gary  WA7BBJ Monroe, WA
66 Mike  KD7TS Des Moines, WA
67 Tony  W7EFS Cle Elum, WA

Engraved Badges

Name Member Grid Pin
1 Max  KF7MAX 461 CN94 magnetic
2 Bill  W7QQ 137 DM75 pin
3 Mark  W7MEM 45 DN17 magnetic
4 Guy  N7UN 581 CN85 pin
5 Don  K7HSJ 40 CN94 pin
6 Bryan  N7VME 593 CN94 pin
7 John  W7FU 561 CN87 pin
8 Dave  VE7HR 540 CN89 magnetic
9 David  KG7ZMX 595 CN84 pin
10 Barry  AC7MD 537 CN87 pin