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2019 News

May 1, 2019

Bill Martin N7EU

Rogue Valley, Medford, Oregon

I missed the April VHF lunch April but reports are we had a dozen or more members attended from the Rogue Valley. I was told Walter had a show and tell with his new QRP rig and is using it at home with an end-fed wire to check into the Noon Time Net. We are listening on 50.125 when the hams up north are having their 6 meter net but no signals reaching this far south as of yet.

This is the report for the May luncheon of the Rogue Valley VHF Society. May's lunch date came early in the month! The first Wednesday fell on May 1st. In attendance were: Ed KD6DVR, Steve KW5V, Crystal N5LEQ, Lyle WB7VUF, Gerry K6KSI, Lyle WB7VUF, Jeff KJ7JAL, Bob N7RBP, Bob KD6UIH, Allan K7GT, Bill N7EU, Claire KC7ARX, Jim KD6CCP, and Larry N7LJC.

14 hams seated at 3 tables and lots of conversations going on.

After lunch Gerry showed us his portable 20 foot mast from Harbor Freight. We all had a good lunch and enjoyed eating outside in the beautiful warm Southern Oregon day.

Bill Martin N7EU, Scribe for Rogue Valley VHF

March 6, 2019

Bill Martin N7EU

Rogue Valley, Medford, Oregon

This is the report for the March luncheon of the Rogue Valley VHF Society. In attendance were: KC7ARX Claire, N7EU Bill, N7LJC Larry, KD6UIH Bob, K6KSI Gerry, KL1XI David, WB7VUF Lyle, KJ7JAL Jeff, KG7YFB Bob, N7RBP Bob, and K7GT Allan.

Today's subject for show and tell at lunch was emergency battery power. What do you use when the lights go out.

Larry brought his FT813 plus external auto tuner that all runs QRP on battery power. Larry has been experimenting with 3D printing and showed us an adapter he made for the tiny Yaesu rig and LDG tuner so that they could be bolted together. Larry did a great job.

K6KSI brought in his Bioenno 50 amp lithium iron phosphate battery housed in a home made plastic case he bought at Harbor Freight. Gerry says he can run his 100 watt radio from this power source.

Allan brought along another Bioenno battery supply. This one was a self contained unit that not only had a battery to run his QRP rig while on SOTA activities but also has a small DC/AC inverter and USB port!

We all had a great lunch and thanks to the Centennial Grill for seating us all and providing a great lunch. After almost two and half hours we concluded the lunch.

Bill Martin N7EU, Scribe for Rogue Valley VHF

February 6, 2019

Bill Martin N7EU

RVVHF Society Jan/2019 Report
Bob Householder K7JBU SK

It is with deep regret and sorrow that I have to report the passing of Bob Householder K7JBU. Bob became a silent key on morning of January 2nd 2019.

K7JBU was an active ham radio operator who tried his best at learning new things in the science and hobby of ham radio.

In 2016 he was awarded the VHF ham of the year by the PNWVHF Society. Bob was instrumental in helping create the Rogue Valley VHF Society (RVVHF). Bob and I discussed, organized and arranged for local hams active on 2 meter SSB to meet monthly and have an eyeball QSO and lunch.

He was active in digital modes, QRP, satellite, 2 and 6 meter SSB and was a member of both ham radio clubs in the Rogue Valley. He was an Extra Class licensed ham that helped other hams get on the air. He spread his share of ham radio good will in our small ham community. He will be missed.

Bill Martin N7EU, Scribe for Rogue Valley VHF