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2019 News

November 6, 2019

Bill N7EU

Rogue Valley VHF Lunch - Jackson County, OR - CN82

On November 6th our group here in the Rogue Valley had our monthly lunch meeting. In attendance were: Lyle WB7VUF, Bob N7RBP, Don WA7DCG, Jeff KJ7JAL, GerryK6KSI, Bill N7EU, Claire KC7ARX, Larry N7LJC, Steve K7POJ, Ed KD6DVR, Walter KC7HEX, and Allan K7GT.

Steve K7POJ has joined in our 'nets' in the past weeks from Roseburg. A few of us can hear Steve well enough to carry on a conversation so the propagation north from Medford has been good. Steve was kind enough to take to the road and join us for lunch on Wednesday and put together the voices with the faces. Steve reports that activity on 2 meter SSB is nil in his neighborhood and mostly related to contesting.

Just as a reminder to all we have almost two dozen hams here in the Rogue Valley that daily monitor 144.200. So give a shout even if you don’t hear anything going on.

A few of us now have rigs for 1296. There is a D-Star repeater on 23cm along with some sparse activity on 23cm SSB.

Discussion at the lunch table was on many subjects including where to buy enclosures and parts for projects and activity on the VHF bands.

Bill N8EU

October 12, 2019

Pete N6ZE

Microwave (900 MHz & Up) Sprint Operation

On Saturday morning, just 3 days after operating from the Santa Monica Mountains for the 70 cm (40-450 MHz Sprint), Pete N6ZE, traveled again to the top of T.O.’s Tarantula Hill (DM04ne) for the Microwave Sprint, which he had previously utilized for the Two Meter Sprint. He used a couple of one watt Alinco FM handhelds with small Yagis to make two 33cm (927.5 MHz) and one 23cm (1294.5 MHz FM) QSOs in Ventura and Thousand Oaks.

Best DX for the Microwave Sprint was Ventura station, WA6EJO, Steve, at 32 km. Steve and I succeeded in communicating in all four of the Fall Sprint events which N6ZE participated in. Initially, signals with WA6EJO’s 23cm handheld were weak so we ended up making our contact with his 10 watt 23 cm mobile rig. He again operated from his driveway above Foothill Blvd. This was the sole 23cm contact for N6ZE.

N6ZE/6 achieved the second highest of the three California scores submitted. Scoring for the Microwave Sprint is determined by "total cumulative distance". In other Sprint events, score was (number of QSOs)x(total number of grids worked).

I own two Alinco 222/927.5 MHz FM Handhelds, so I lent one to VCARS (off-site) member, Bob KK6UE, to let him have a bit of familiarization on the 33 cm band and to increase my score by ONE! Mike, WA6FXT, also a member of VCARS, provided me with the third QSO of the Microwave event.

FINAL COMMENTS: To encourage VHF/UHF activity in Ventura County, and in particular, to show area amateur radio operators that simple stations with small antennae are able to communicate over considerable distances without the assistance of a repeater, to have fun, and to become more familiar with VHF/UHF communication for use in public service scenarios have been my rationale to publicize the Sprints in advance and by providing the CVARC (off-site) blog with my details after the Sprint has been completed. I hope that local amateurs will keep VHF/UHF point to point operating in their 'toolkit' of ham radio expertise.

Sprint Scores can be observed here: www.3830scores.com (off-site) I hope to see every Ventura County Ham get "On The Air" for the Spring 2020 Sprints!

Pete N6ZE

October 9, 2019

Pete N6ZE

70 cm (420 - 450 MHz) Sprint Operation

Just 8 days after participating in the 135 cm (222 -225 MHz) Sprint, Woody, WA6WDY, and I traveled again to the top of Stunt Rd in the Santa Monica Mts (DM04qb) to participate in the 70cm (420 - 450MHz) Sprint. From our location more than 2000 feet above sea level, with an unrestricted RF horizon in many directions, 100 watts of SSB and FM, and an 18 element horizontally polarized yagi, we made 20 contacts (QSOs) in Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties in 1.5 hours of operating.

Interestingly, we worked 8 stations in both Ventura County and in Grid DM13 to the East/Southeast of Los Angeles. Thanks to CVARC (off-site) VCARS (off-site) and ACS members who got on. Several stations which we contacted were more than 60 miles distant; Ventura station, WA6EJO, again used just a handheld with whip antenna from his driveway above Foothill Blvd. Best DX distance was K6JO at 100 miles. One station, Vern W6NCT, was not exactly line of sight for us, but we were able to complete a QSO due to signal bounces off of a passing aircraft. The signal was Q-4 at most times with lots of flutter.

Unlike previous Spring Sprint operating events , the forward gain of the 18-element M-Squared Yagi made most stations sound very loud, but signals received off the back of the long yagi were quite weak, if we even heard them at all.

N6ZE/6 achieved the highest California score submitted, although the score of 60 was still quite small! Norm AB6ET and Ben AI6YR/6 also submitted their scores.

Pete N6ZE

October 2, 2019

Bill Martin N7EU

Rogue Valley, Medford, Oregon

The RVVHF Society convened our monthly luncheon at the Centennial Grill in Meford OR. Present were: Larry N7LJC, Ed KD6DVR, Jerry K6KSI, Walter KC7HEX, Bob N7RBP, Allan K7GT, Bill, N7EU and Claire KC7ARX.

We had a good lunch and discussion. Larry told us his story of the 5,000 mile train trip to Chicago and back. He did try 2 meters on the train but with limited success. Contests in the near future were discussed.

At the 10 AM QSO this morning a few of us were able to contact K7POJ Steve in Roseburg. Steve was running 11 elements pointed south toward our group. Don WA7DCG was able to work him on a 2 meter double 5/8 wave vertical. So it looks like the cooler weather is providing us with some ducting from the north. We meet on 144.200 Tuesday night at 7PM and Wednesday morning at 10AM. Hams north of us are encouraged to beam south and give us a call.

Bill Martin N7EU, Scribe for Rogue Valley VHF

Sept 4, 2019

Bill Martin N7EU

Rogue Valley, Medford, Oregon

The rogues of Rogue Valley had our group lunch yesterday September 4th at the Centennial Golf Course Grill. In attendance were: Bill N7EU, Claire KC7ARX, Don WA7DCG, Larry N7LJC, Ed KD6DVR, Bob KD6UIH, Gerry K6KSI, David KL1XI, Lyle WB7VUF, Walter KC7HEX, Bob N7RBP and Allan K7GT.

Larry showed us his home brew suction cup antenna mount for his upcoming train trip back east. David talked about the satellite work he is doing. We talked about new radios in the market. We have three IC-9700 in the Valley so far. Lunch lasted about 2 hours. We all had a good eyeball conference.

Bill Martin N7EU, Scribe for Rogue Valley VHF

July 3, 2019

Bill Martin N7EU

Rogue Valley, Medford, Oregon

We had our luncheon on July 3rd Wednesday at the Centennial Grill. With the holiday just a day away we had a small group present. David and Marco set up a portable satellite station in the lawn outside the eating area and worked one pass of a satellite. There was some discussion about the IARU conference in 2023 and the Region 1 proposal to reallocate the 2 meter band for that region. Look toward the ARRL for a response in the coming weeks. I had to leave early at 2PM for an appointment so the lunch was still going on after I motored out.

In attendance were: Lyle WB7VUF, Ed KD6DVR, Marco KF7MYJ, David KL1XI, Jeff KJ7JAL, Bob KD6UIH, Jerry K6KSI and Larry N7LJC.

Bill Martin N7EU, Scribe for Rogue Valley VHF

July 1, 2019

Bill Martin N7EU

2 meter SSB On the Air

Just a reminder that our weekly get together on 2 meter SSB is coming up. The purpose of this little QSO party is to stimulate VHF SSB activity locally in the Rogue Valley. It will give you an opportunity to check out your rig and antenna with other hams in the area, help each other with projects and bring new hams on the VHF SSB bands.

  • We meet on Tuesdays at 7 PM on 144.200 USB.
  • We meet on Wednesdays at 10AM on 144.200 USB.

Please join us.

Lunch Gathering: July 3rd, 2019 Wednesday, 12:30 PM

Centennial Grill at the Golf Course (off-site)
1900 N. Phoenix Rd.
Medford, OR 97504

Bill Martin N7EU, Scribe for Rogue Valley VHF

May 1, 2019

Bill Martin N7EU

Rogue Valley, Medford, Oregon

I missed the April VHF lunch April but reports are we had a dozen or more members attended from the Rogue Valley. I was told Walter had a show and tell with his new QRP rig and is using it at home with an end-fed wire to check into the Noon Time Net. We are listening on 50.125 when the hams up north are having their 6 meter net but no signals reaching this far south as of yet.

This is the report for the May luncheon of the Rogue Valley VHF Society. May's lunch date came early in the month! The first Wednesday fell on May 1st. In attendance were: Ed KD6DVR, Steve KW5V, Crystal N5LEQ, Lyle WB7VUF, Gerry K6KSI, Lyle WB7VUF, Jeff KJ7JAL, Bob N7RBP, Bob KD6UIH, Allan K7GT, Bill N7EU, Claire KC7ARX, Jim KD6CCP, and Larry N7LJC.

14 hams seated at 3 tables and lots of conversations going on.

After lunch Gerry showed us his portable 20 foot mast from Harbor Freight. We all had a good lunch and enjoyed eating outside in the beautiful warm Southern Oregon day.

Bill Martin N7EU, Scribe for Rogue Valley VHF

March 6, 2019

Bill Martin N7EU

Rogue Valley, Medford, Oregon

This is the report for the March luncheon of the Rogue Valley VHF Society. In attendance were: KC7ARX Claire, N7EU Bill, N7LJC Larry, KD6UIH Bob, K6KSI Gerry, KL1XI David, WB7VUF Lyle, KJ7JAL Jeff, KG7YFB Bob, N7RBP Bob, and K7GT Allan.

Today's subject for show and tell at lunch was emergency battery power. What do you use when the lights go out.

Larry brought his FT813 plus external auto tuner that all runs QRP on battery power. Larry has been experimenting with 3D printing and showed us an adapter he made for the tiny Yaesu rig and LDG tuner so that they could be bolted together. Larry did a great job.

K6KSI brought in his Bioenno 50 amp lithium iron phosphate battery housed in a home made plastic case he bought at Harbor Freight. Gerry says he can run his 100 watt radio from this power source.

Allan brought along another Bioenno battery supply. This one was a self contained unit that not only had a battery to run his QRP rig while on SOTA activities but also has a small DC/AC inverter and USB port!

We all had a great lunch and thanks to the Centennial Grill for seating us all and providing a great lunch. After almost two and half hours we concluded the lunch.

Bill Martin N7EU, Scribe for Rogue Valley VHF

February 6, 2019

Bill Martin N7EU

RVVHF Society Jan/2019 Report
Bob Householder K7JBU SK

It is with deep regret and sorrow that I have to report the passing of Bob Householder K7JBU. Bob became a silent key on morning of January 2nd 2019.

K7JBU was an active ham radio operator who tried his best at learning new things in the science and hobby of ham radio.

In 2016 he was awarded the VHF ham of the year by the PNWVHF Society. Bob was instrumental in helping create the Rogue Valley VHF Society (RVVHF). Bob and I discussed, organized and arranged for local hams active on 2 meter SSB to meet monthly and have an eyeball QSO and lunch.

He was active in digital modes, QRP, satellite, 2 and 6 meter SSB and was a member of both ham radio clubs in the Rogue Valley. He was an Extra Class licensed ham that helped other hams get on the air. He spread his share of ham radio good will in our small ham community. He will be missed.

Bill Martin N7EU, Scribe for Rogue Valley VHF