Pacific Northwest VHF-UHF Beacons

VHF Beacons in the PNW region or adjacent to the PNW region are listed. See links at the bottom of this page for more beacons.

Last Update: April 18, 2024
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Frequency Grid Location Owner Comment
28.285 CN87mc (off-site) Olympia, WA W7IEW Sloper, 5 w
28.2985 CN85ss (off-site) Las Vegas, NV K7FL (email) Inverted vee, 10 w  (off-site)
50.033 CO83 (off-site) Prince George, BC VE7FG Ringo, omni, 50 w
50.0565 CN89li (off-site) North Vancouver, BC VE7UTS Propagation reference and email at VE7UTS on (off-site) New!
50.060 DN09cf (off-site) Okanogan, BC VE7BEE (email) 5w horiz 4-el beam SE. CW id every 15 sec.
50.0625 DN26wg (off-site) Marion, MT W7HAH Stacked halos, omni, 25 w
50.0630 BP51en (off-site) Wasilla, AK KL7KY Omni, 25w
50.069 CN87tg (off-site) Tacoma, WA W7BAS 5-el Yagi aimed at 90°, 10 w
50.070 DM49ho (off-site) Utah, 8500' WA7X 100 w  (off-site)
50.072 DN13up (off-site) Boise, ID WA9WSJ (email) Squalo, 6 watts
50.075 CN82 (off-site) Central Point, OR KA7BGR  
50.075 DO21vb (off-site) Calgary, Alberta VE6AMC (email) Horiz Loop, 40w @ 150 ft, 45-sec interval, id VE6SYC
50.150 DO11 (off-site) British Columbia VE7RAN  
144.275 CN89 (off-site) Coquitlam, BC VA7SIX /B (email) Squalo, 25 w, 600' ASL.
144.275 DO21vb (off-site) Calgary, AL VY0AB (email) 5-ele beam, 15 w
144.282 DN29cm (off-site) Cranbrook, BC VE7KPB (email) 10 w to HO loop
144.2825 CM88ws (off-site) Sacramento, CA KJ6KO Pair of HO loops, 40 w  (off-site)
144.285 DO33pa (off-site) Camrose, AB VA6DX (email) 40W to 9el yagi @ 80' pointed south, id VD6EMU /B
144.295 CN82nk (off-site) Medford, OR KA7BGR Full wave loop at 30', 8 w
144.299 CN97al (off-site) Issaquah, WA WE7X (email) Intermittently on, will power up on request
144.299 DM49ho (off-site) Provo, UT WA7X 100 w at 8500' ASL  (off-site)
144.300 DN09cf (off-site) Okanogan, BC VE7BEE (email) 10w horiz 4-el beam SE. CW id every 15 sec.
222.050 CN97al (off-site) Issaquah, WA WE7X (email) Pair of loops, 2.5w
432.280 CM88ws (off-site) Sacramento, CA KJ6KO Four HO loops, 50 w  (off-site)
432.305 CN89nf (off-site) Coquitlam, BC VE7LAD /B Antenna at 180 degrees (to Seattle). 6 w
432.325 DO21vb (off-site) Calgary, AL VY0AB (email) 7-ele beam, 30 w
432.400 DN09cf (off-site) Okanogan, BC VE7BEE (email) 10w horiz 6-el beam SE, beginning June 2021.
1296.075 CN87qn (off-site) Bremerton, WA W7HR 24 el DEMI looper, 2 w aimed at Mt. Rainier
1296.272 CM88ws (off-site) Sacramento, CA KJ6KO 25-el loop Yagi @ 145°, 10 w  (off-site)
10368.216 CN83jx (off-site) 43° 58' 32.996" N
123° 14' 40.325" W
W7CQ/B CW id once every 69 seconds. 14 inch dish, 1050' ASL, 0.25 w. Azimuth controlled by W7CQ and posted on his web site (off-site)