RF Sensed Solid State TR Switch
DEMI Part Number AOS-28 and AOS-144

Product Description and Specifications

The AOS-28 and AOS-144 are RF sensed solid state transmit / receive relays with 25W attenuators that are designed to be used as an interface between either a 10- or 2-meter 25 watt output all mode transceiver and any transverter. In operation, the AOS-28 and AOS-144 provide split transmit / receive connections and a control signal without modifying your transceiver.

Actuation is RF sensed with RF drive levels up to 25 watts*. The AOS-28 and AOS-144 contain a 50 watt 50* load resistor in the transmit path attenuating a 25 watt level to a factory preset nominal output of equal to 100 milliwatts or less. In the receive path the switch has an insertion loss of less than 1dB. The AOS-28 and AOS-144 are housed in a 4.4" x 2.4" x 1.2" die cast enclosure with an external heat sink to provide cool operation under any condition.

DEMI AOS 28 & AOS 144 Operating Specifications

Operating Voltage 12.0 - 15.5 VDC, 13.8 nominal
Current Drain 100mA Maximum Transmit, 10 mA Receive
Maximum Input Power 25 Watts ALL Modes!!!
Maximum Input VSWR < 2.1
Transmit Port Output 100mW (+20 dBM) factory adjustable from 10mW to 1Watt with 25W input power
RX to TX Port Isolation >30dB
Operation Frequency AOS-28 (26 - 30 MHz) AOS-144 (144 - 148MHz)
Control Signal Output +5VDC @ 1VDC, source 25mA
Connections Input SO-238, Transmit / Receive BNC, Control Signal RCA

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