2005 Officers, Directors and Staff

President Lynn Burlingame - N7CFO   president@pnwvhfs.org
Vice-President Kevin Imel - KF7CN* vicepres@pnwvhfs.org
Secretary-Tresurer Jim Aguirre - W7DHC secretary@pnwvhfs.org
Board of Directors:
Idaho Section Bob Hallock - K7TM id@pnwvhfs.org
Oregon Section  Jim Garver - K7YO or@pnwvhfs.org
Eastern Washington Section   Bob Lee - N7AU ewa@pnwvhfs.org
Western Washington Section   Eric Olson - N7EPD (Chair) wwa@pnwvhfs.org
British Columbia Section Ralph Parker - VE7XF
Gabor Horvath - VE7DXG*
  * = Term begins 11/01/2005  
Awards Chair Eric Olson - N7EPD  contest@pnwvhfs.org
Newsletter Editor Jim Aguirre - W7DHC w7dhc@nwlink.com
Webmaster Kevin Imel - KF7CN kf7cn@arrl.net

The President, Secretary-Tresurer, and Board positions are elected. All other positions are voluntary. If you want to help, please contact president@pnwvhfs.org for more information.