Pacific Northwest VHF Society Callsigns

The Pacific Northwest VHF Society has K7VHF and W7VHF callsigns under its name. The trustee for W7VHF is Bob Abernethy, W7BA, and K7VHF is Jim Christiansen, K7ND.

Many thanks to both W7BA and K7ND for their willingness as trustees to put these club calls under the PNWVHFS umbrella. In order to accomplish this, we merged the clubs that previously held the callsigns with the society. Since the members of both clubs were already members of the society, there was no actual gain in membership; just a consolidation of the three organizations.

With a regional organization as large as the Pacific Northwest VHF Society, having two callsigns makes it possible for two separate groups to use our club calls for contest operations, special events or Field Day.

Please discuss these considerations with the trustee when using our callsign:

  1. The duration for use
  2. QSLing responsibility
  3. Who bears responsibility for any rule violation

Individual club trustees should be contacted regarding use of the calls.