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Wed 9 pm
Net Name MHz Net Control Local
Pacific Time
NCS Equipment Modes Notes

Seattle Area

Pacific NW 2m Net 144.240 W7GLF
CN87vr (off-site) K0JJ
CN85ns (off-site)
Sun 8 am

Tue 8 pm
  SSB Promotes tropo DX within the PNW and surrounding region
Also see Nets Spreadsheet
Pacific NW 220 Net 222.1 K7ND
CN87qf (off-site)
Tue 7 pm SSB Promotes 222 activity
432 Net 432.1 W7RNB CN87ts (off-site) Tue 7:30 pm   SSB Promotes 432 activity
Pacific NW 1296 Net 1296.1 KE7SW
CN87td (off-site)
Sun 9 am 150W SSB, CW Promotes 23 cm activity. Coverage extends to Oregon, Eastern WA and BC

British Columbia

6M Net 50.125   Wed 8:30 pm 50W to horizontal dipole SSB
6m Net 50.150 VA7DXX CN89ca (off-site) Sat 11:00 am Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association (off-site) SSB Vancouver Island / Lower Mainland Net
2m Net 144.200 VE7BEE
DN09cf (off-site)
Tue 7:30 pm Horz or vertical SSB Open net in the southern interior BC and Okanogan.
2m WCWSA 144.220 VE7AFZ Tue 7:30 pm SSB Western Canada Weak Signal Association
225 SSB Group 144.225 VE7OR
CN89 (off-site)
Thu 7 pm Most of us are vertical and some are horz. SSB Open net in the lower mainland for new and old on SSB.
70 cm Net 432.100     50W to Vertical SSB

Tri-Band Net, Portland and Vancouver

2m Net 144.240 KK7N CN85tn (off-site) Mon 7:00 pm 7dB collinear, 7dB colinear, 12 el Yagi, mainly vertical, 170W SSB Weekly ham activity of general and technical info; goes until 7:45 or 8 pm, and moves to 6m
6m Net 50.140 KK7N CN85tn (off-site) Mon 7:45 pm 4 el yagi or vertical (to accommodate check-in's polarity) at 25 feet, 35-75w SSB Weekly ham activity; net begins after 2m net finishes, and moves to 70 cm, have been doing this net over 25 years
70 cm Net 432.110 KK7N CN85tn (off-site) Mon 8:15 pm Vertical only, 70W SSB, CW To promote 432 activity; net begins after 6m net finishes

Portland, Oregon

2m QLF Net 144.140 AB7TU
CN85qj (off-site)
Wed 8 pm 50w, vertically polarized CW Speeds above 10 wpm
2m Digital 144.174 N7LKL
CN85pm (off-site)
Thu 8 pm Horiz or vertical FT-8 and other Open net to promote 2M digital. FT-8 for first 20 min, then other digital modes. No net control. Coordinate via (off-site)
2m Net 144.240 CN87vr (off-site)
CN87xj (off-site)
Sun 8 am
Tue 8 pm
See Pacific NW 2m Net above, covers Portland as well
1.25m Net 222.100 KK7N CN85tn (off-site) Wed 7:30 pm Both horiz and vertical capable, 350w ERP SSB Weekly ham activity

Southwest Oregon, Rogue Valley, Medford, Douglas County

2M Net 144.200 N7EU
CN82nj (off-site)
Tue 7 pm
Wed 10 am
Antennas of all types, try it and see SSB Informal roundtable, everyone welcome
2M Net 144.200 K7POJ
CN83if (off-site)
Wed 8 pm Vertical and horizontal SSB Umpqua Basin Net, welcome DX check-ins

California (may be reachable from Pacific Northwest)

NorCal 432 Net 432.100 K6NC
CM98jk (off-site)
Sun 7 pm 4 x 9WL M2 yagis, vertically stacked, 75W SSB Weekly 432 net


2m Net 144.200 KL7UW
BP40iq (off-site)
Sat 9 am 4x array yagis + 140w, or 10dB vertical SSB Net serves southcentral AK: Western Kenai Peninsula, Anchorage, and Matsu Valley.
Alaska VHF-Up Group (off-site) promotes VHF operation 50 -1296 MHz.