Links to Other VHF Societies

These links will help you find organizations that support weak-signal VHF, UHF and microwave activity, and that promote the exchange of technical information.

Links to VHF Societies

Name Location Web Site
Badger Contesters Wisconsin (off-site)
Central States VHF Society Missouri (off-site)
Fourlanders Georgia (off-site)
Greater Pittsburgh VHF Society Pennsylvania (off-site)
Grid Pirates Contest Group Virginia (off-site)
Midwest VHF Society Ohio (off-site)
Mississippi Coast VHF Society Mississippi (off-site)
Mount Graylock Expeditionary Force New York, Massachusets (off-site)
NIMRODS Illinois (off-site)
Northeast Weak Signal New England (off-site)
Northern California VHF Contesting California (off-site)
Northern Lights Radio Society Upper Midwest (off-site)
North Texas Microwave Society Texas (off-site)
Pacific Northwest VHF Society WA, OR, ID, BC (off-site)
Road Runners Microwave Society Texas (off-site)
Rochester VHF Group New York (off-site)
Rocky Mountain VHF Society Colorado / (off-site)
San Bernardino Microwave Society California (off-site)
Side Winders on Two Radio Club Texas, Oklahoma (off-site)
Six Club Worldwide (off-site)
Six Meter International Radio Klub Worldwide (off-site)
Southeastern VHF Society Georgia (off-site)
Texas VHF-FM Society Texas (off-site)
Toronto VHF Society Toronto (off-site)
UK Six Meter Group Worldwide (off-site)
Utah VHF Society Utah (off-site)
Wilmington VHF Association North Carolina (off-site)

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