Pacific Northwest VHF'er of the Year

Awarded annually by the Pacific Northwest VHF Society (PNWVHFS) this award is given to the amateur(s) in the Pacific Northwest who have gone above and beyond the call to further VHF+ activity. Recognition may be given for activities such as: Technical Achievement/Advancement, Teaching, "Elmering", Public Service, etc. The PNWVHFS Board of Directors is the jury for these awards. Anyone may nominate someone for this award. Nominations should be sent to the Director in which the amateur resides. He/she will then distribute the nomination to the other members of the board for discussion. The nominee does not need to belong to PNWVHFS.

This award will be awarded annually at the Pacific Northwest VHF conference. Nominations will open approximately 60 days prior to the conference. Watch the PNWVHFS website and stay tuned to the Society email reflector for further info.

2017 - Etienne Scott, K7ATN

For recruiting and mentoring regional hams in VHF, Microwave, and SOTA activity, along with developing skills in building antennas and operating contests, and more. His enthusiasm is catching and admirable.
Etienne Scott, K7ATN

2016 - Robert Householder, W7JBU

For successfully starting an active VHF group in southern Oregon, sharing information with regular meetings and promoting VHF activity and the Society around the CN82 grid square.
Jerry Johnson, K0JJ

2015 - Jerry Johnson, K0JJ

For his long-time participation and net control service on the Tuesday night VHF net on 144.240 from his Scappoose, Oregon location. He runs the Tuesday net and this encourages wide-ranging participation from all over the Pacific Northwest. He leads by example and is active on all bands. This is how we 'light the fire' in new VHF members and help existing members refine their equipment and techniques.
Jerry Johnson, K0JJ

2014 - Lou Stober, WA7GCS

For his active participation in the 2-meter Weak Signal Nets and his 6-meter DX success. Lou has again proved that optimized antennas along with enthusiasm and effort will make the difference.
Lou Stober, WA7GCS

2013 - Darryl Holman, WW7D

For advancing the art of VHF contest roving in the Pacific Northwest. He has continually refined everything about his equipment and strategies for our region, built rover antennas and mounting systems, often winning his category, been published in QST for flying his airplane in VHF contests, and best of all for publishing his detailed travelogues, photo essays and strategy guides on his blog.

Darryl Holman, WW7D

2013 - Barry Hansen, K7BWH

For his work in resurrecting and modernizing the PNWVHFS website, managing the email reflector, supporting the conference planning and announcements, roving to all the grid squares in Washington state, and for publishing a highly functional rover location database on the world wide web.

Barry Hansen, K7BWH

2011 - Mark Van Winkle, K7HPT

For encouraging VHF/UHF/Microwave activity east of the mountains, where it is very much needed, through grid activations and mountain topping on contests and weekends, serving all who have followed his travels.

Mark Van Winkle, K7HPT

2010 - Gabor Horvath, VE7JH (was VE7DXG)

For consistently promoting and encouraging VHF/UHF/Microwave activity in the Pacific Northwest by getting more Vancouver Island hams involved in VHF and by roving and activating Canadian grids for appreciative members and contest operators throughout the Northwest.

2008 - Eric Smith, KB7DQH

For taking such an active role in promoting and encouraging VHF/UHF/Microwave activity in the Pacific Northwest. From pioneering efforts in multi-op roving to promoting VHF/UHF weak signal operations with a 'get on the air' attitude and the many appearances of the Enterprise II at local ham-radio events.

Eric Smith, KB7DQHw

2007 - Don Krug, K7HSJ

"For promoting the growth of VHF activity, mentoring new operators and encouraging them to remain active in Central Oregon. He has also been a past director and hosted 2 previous society conferences."

Don Krug, K7HSJ

2006 - Jim Aguirre, W7DHC

"For co-founding the society, writing the society newsletter, playing a major role in organizing the annual conference, representing the Pacific Northwest on the ARRL VUAC committee and tirelessly helping to manage the organization."

Jim Aguirre, W7DHC

2005 - Kevin Imel, KF7CN

"For spending countless hours building and maintaining our website and email reflector to help keep members in communication with one another and providing growth and stability to the organization."

Kevin Imel, KF7CN

2004 - Mike Pinault, W7GHZ

"For being instrumental in getting activity going in Eastern Washington and Idaho, always being there to help, spreading enthusiasm, sharing ideas and being helpful with ways to improve our stations."

Mike Pinault, W7GHZ

2003 - Lynn Burlingame, N7CFO

"For helping to initiate the society from scratch, the constant promotion
of the PNWVHFS at hamfests to bring in new members, contesting and rover training, and promoting operation on the higher bands to those who have not experienced them."

Lynn Burlingame, N7CFO

2002 - Rick Beatty, W7RNB (was NU7Z)

"For promoting VHF, UHF, and microwave activity in the Pacific Northwest through technical support, coordinating group purchases at Down East Microwave, and bringing the prestigious Microwave Update to Seattle next year."

- Rick Beatty, W7RNB (was NU7Z)