Name Badge: Group Purchase 2019

PNWVHFS name badge

Order the official PNWVHFS name badge for $15 along with your conference registration!
Place your order by Oct 1, 2019, and pick it up during conference check-in.

How to Order

  1. See the 2019 conference registration  web page.
  2. Fill in your name as you'd like it to appear on the badge. Choose your desired fastener type.
    • Already registered? Want to add a badge?
      Fill out the conference form using only the badge-order portion.
    • Want a name badge? But not coming to the conference?
      Fill out the conference form, but only pay for the badge. We'll mail your badge to you.
  3. Send your completed form and payment to the PNW VHF Society address.
  4. Your badge will be waiting for you at the conference check-in desk.

Fastener Choices

Pin type badge fastener Military style badge fastener Alligator clip badge fastener Magnetic clip badge fastener


The official PNWVHFS name badges are produced by Capital Engraving (off-site) in Longview, WA.

You can always buy these name badges at any time; the group purchase order is not required. As of August 2013, these are available by mail order for $10.75 with standard pin fastener. You can get the "military" or the "alligator" type fastener for an additional $.50, or a magnetic fastener for $2.50. The minimum shipping charge is $3.00 to a single address.

Capital Engraving accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover, but asks that you please do not send credit card info by email:

Capital Engraving
3109 Marigold St.
Longview, WA 98632
Phone: 800-628-4985
Fax: 360-575-1408

Embroidery for PNWVHFS

Embroidered baseball cap   Embroidered shirt

L&S Industries

Stan at L&S Industries can produce a wide variety of custom items from the ones pictured to bags, jackets, etc. Basically, anything that can be embroidered can have the logo put on it. Anything from army tents to jockey shorts is probably within the realm of possibility. Contact Stan! (Although given the effect PNWVHFS t-shirts reportedly have on the fairer sex, jockey shorts might not be all that wise... you have been warned!)

Contact Stan at (email) for more information and pricing.