KRC2 Band Decoder
For the K2 and Most HF Rigs
by Elecraft

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KRC2ACC Accessibility Option (CW Feedback)  - See Below

The Elecraft KRC2 Band Decoder is a universal, programmable station control unit that can switch any combination of antennas, filters, amplifiers, or other equipment. It supports analog, digital, and RS232 control inputs, so it's compatible with transceivers from Icom (voltage level), Yaesu (BCD and voltage level), and Kenwood (serial or BCD via logging program), as well as Elecraft's own K2 and K2/100.

The KRC2 includes decoded outputs for all HF bands (including WARC bands), three transverter bands, and general accessories. High-side (source) and low-side (sink) relay drivers are included. All signal lines are RF bypassed to eliminate RFI and noise pickup.

Individual driver outputs can be "wire-ORed" as with conventional decoders. However, the KRC2 also provides a PC-based command interface, allowing the user to configure the unit with simple text commands. New firmware can even be downloaded via the internet. The combination of these features makes the KRC2 uniquely suited to the user's present as well as future station control needs.

The KRC2 is fully integrated with Elecraft's transceivers, decoding band-change data via the company's AuxBus protocol. But other unique K2 features are also supported that can be enabled or disabled with jumpers inside the KRC2. The K2's ACC menu entry can be used to directly control the KRC2's accessory outputs. Four buttons on the top of the KRC2 can be used as "hot keys" for instant access to CW message buffers, fast switching of the rig's RXANT jack, or other functions. Finally, the KRC2 can act as a complete CW-feedback interface for the K2, allowing enhanced accessibility for operators with special user interface requirements.

Packaged in an attractive, compact enclosure that is only 1.2 x 3.5 x 5.5 inches (3 x 9 x 14 cm), the KRC2 is styled to match the K2. The easy-to-build kit uses Elecraft's "no-wires" construction and is suitable for first-time kit builders.

KRC2ACC Accessibility Option (CW Feedback)

The KRC2ACC is a slightly modified KRC2 with an added internal speaker and new firmware to provide both the regular band decoding functions for the KRC2 and in addition, full CW feedback of K2 frequency, button presses, displays and menu items. This allows complete operation of the K2, including accessing menu items, without the need to actually see the rig. The KRC2 push buttons are remapped to CW play functions on the KRC2ACC.

The KRC2ACCMDKT is the mod kit to change an existing KRC2 into a KRC2ACC.

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Jan 29, 2005