Volunteer for PNWVHFS!

Like most organizations involving hobbies, the PNWVHFS is made up entirely of volunteers. To say that volunteers are the life blood of this organization is not an overstatement. There is a lot to do and there is room for everyone to jump in and help out. The more people that help row the boat the faster/farther the boat can go.

How can you help? Quite simply: become a PNWVHFS Volunteer!

Maybe you are thinking: "But I don't have enough time/money/skills to be a valuable asset."

Nothing could be further from the truth!!!

All you need to be a valuable asset to the PNWVHFS is a positive attitude and the desire to help! Many of the things that you can help the society do take very little time, no money, and just a small committment on your part to ensure they get done on time.

So what sorts of things does PNWVHFS need help with? Well, here is a short list of things that the society needs on an on-going basis:

  • Organize social events (i.e. breakfasts, luncheons, dinners) for VHF'ers in your area to get together to swap lies and equipment or make plans for the next contest
  • Be a special topic speaker and visit clubs in your area and talk about VHF+ operation
  • Put a PNWVHFS sign and maybe a small display on your hamfest table and pass out information and applications
  • Run local VHF+ SSB nets to help show "Joe 706" what non-FM VHF operation is all about
  • Help organize the annual meeting or even sectional meetings
  • Organize a local multi-op contest operation and get some of those locals out of their recliners and on the air
  • Sponsor or help out with "kit building days" to help folks get their latest purchases from DEMI built, tested, tuned and on the air

And the list goes on... Use your imagination!

There are also some things that the society needs help with on a one-time or infrequent basis. Watch this page and the nwwsvhf reflector for more information about these as they come up.

Want to help the society by becoming a PNWVHFS Volunteer? It's easy! Just contact your local Section Director and tell them you want to help.