Argo 1.134

Argo is a viewer for slow CW, like QRSS and DFCW.
Read: Argo Readme 
Download: Argo Version 1, Build 134 (EXE) 

Spectran 2.216

Spectran is a program to do real time or deferred spectral analysis and waterfall display, in addition to real time audio filtering (band pass, denoising, band reject and CW peaking) of audio signals, using the PC sound card to digitize the input analog signal, or taking as input a WAV file. Its characteristics are well suited to dig weak signals buried into noise, thanks to a selectable bin size down to 21 millihertz. On the opposite site, it can visualize normal CW signals, resolving individual dots and dashes (with a reasonably fast PC).
Read: Spectran Notes (PDF) 
Download: Spectran Installer (EXE) 

Ham Radio Deluxe 3.5 Beta

Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) is a suite of Windows programs providing CAT control for commonly used transceivers and receivers. HRD also includes mapping and PSK31 software. HRD is free for Radio Amateurs, Shortwave Listener (SWLs) and charitable organizations.
Download: Ham Radio Deluxe 3.5 beta 1597, 9/10/2007 (EXE) 

Radio Mobile Version 8.4.1

Note: You can download the latest version from Radio Mobile, Gratuiciel par VE2DBE (off-site)
As of August 2017, the current version is 11.6.5.

Read: Legal issues regarding the use of MapPoint (off-site)

  1. For old versions of Windows or Linux-Wine:
    Download the Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime (Service pack 6) (off-site)  Install it on your PC before executing the next steps.
  2. Create a program directory to place the contents of the following files.
    Example: "C:\Radio_Mobile"
  3. Installation of (ZIP)  is required for all languages.
  4. Installation of (ZIP)  is required for all languages.
  5. Install Radio Mobile, English language (ZIP)  by Roger Coudé.
  6. Create a data directory structure.
  7. Insure that no other instances of Rmwdlx32.dll exists on your system. If you want to put the program at more than one location, you should put Rmwdlx32.dll in c:\Windows\system (c:\Winnt\system32 for NT).
  8. To get UTM coordinates in MGRS format instead of amateur radio QRA extract File (ZIP)  in the program directory.
  9. By reading and editing the file Map_Link.txt with Notepad, the program can access various map layers for personnal use only.
  10. A sample Cities.dat (DAT)  file with Pacific Northwest radio sites is included on the disk. Copy this over or merge it with your existing Cities.dat using your favorite text editor.

For assistance join the Yahoo discussion Radio Mobile Yahoo Group (off-site)