Call for 2007 Nominations

Call for 2007 PNWVHFS Officer & Director Nominations

Nominations for officers and directors of the Pacific Northwest VHF Society are solicited from the membership. This year, two director positions...British Columbia and Eastern Washington...are before the membership for a vote, along with the offices of President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer. Terms of office for these positions will begin November 1, 2007, and end on October 31, 2008, for officers or on October 31, 2009 for directors.

All nominations must be received by the Secretary-Treasurer on or before Monday, August 20, 2007. See below for information on how to submit a nomination.

In accordance with PNWVHFS policy, incumbent officers and directors who indicate a willingness to run for another term will be automatically nominated. This in no way precludes or discourages other nominations for these positions. Additional nominations for all positions are welcomed and encouraged.

Positions Up for Election/Re-election in 2007

President - Lynn Burlingame (N7CFO) has decided not to run for a seventh term, so at least one nomination is needed for this position.

Vice President - Kevin Imel (KF7CN) will run for another term and, per PNWVHFS election policy, is therefore automatically nominated.

Secretary-Treasurer- Jim Aguirre (W7DHC) has decided not to run for a seventh term, so at least one nomination is needed for this position.

British Columbia Director - Gabor Horvath (VE7DXG) will run for another term and, per PNWVHFS election policy, is therefore automatically nominated.

Eastern Washington Director - Bob Lee (N7AU) has decided not to run for another term, so at least one nomination is needed for this position.

How to Submit a Nomination

Nominations for President, Vice President or Secretary-Treasurer may be made by ANY PNWVHFS member; nominations for director positions may be made ONLY by PNWVHFS members residing in the section to be represented by the nominated director. Director nominees must also reside in the section they are nominated to represent.

Nominations may be submitted in the following ways:

  1. In writing via US Mail addressed to PNWVHFS, 6820 Tranquil Lane, Lynden, WA 98264, or...
  2. Via e-mail addressed to (email)

All nominations must include a statement to the effect that the nominee has been contacted and has agreed to run for the position for which he/she is being nominated.


Below are descriptions of the duties encompassed by the positions nominations are being solicited for:

PRESIDENT: The duties of the president includes serving as the chief executive officer of the society, presiding over the annual meeting, working with directors on activities and events, making committee appointments as needed and generally promoting the interests of the society. The president, or his designate, represents the society in matters involving other organizations. The President serves a one- year term.

VICE PRESIDENT: The Vice President shall assist the President in the execution of his/her duties and shall chair committees as directed by the President. Should the President be unable complete his/her term for any reason, the Vice President shall assume the duties of President for the remainder of the unexpired term, and shall call for a special election to select a new Vice President as required in Article II, Section 4. The Vice President serves a one-year term.

SECRETARY-TREASURER: The duties of the Secretary-Treasurer include keeping appropriate administrative and financial records, paying bills, advising the board of directors on membership and financial issues, and providing for the administrative needs of the annual conference. The Secretary-Treasurer is also responsible for seeing that the society's quarterly newsletter is published; serving either as editor or arranging for someone else to serve as editor. The Secretary-Treasurer serves a one-year term.

DIRECTORS: The duties of directors include representing the interests of members within their section. This involves bringing issues before the board and considering issues brought to the board by other directors. These "meetings" are usually conducted via e-mail, offering an easy means for discussing issues with minimal time impact. Directors are responsible each year for selecting a board chairman from among themselves to coordinate these "meetings" and to facilitate discussions. Directors serve two-year terms.

In addition, the PNWVHFS board of directors serves as the jury each year to select the recipient of the Pacific Northwest VHFer of the Year award. Nominations for this award are solicited from the membership and the board considers the merits of each nomination received in selecting the winner. The award is presented at the annual meeting.

Election Policy

If only one nomination is received for any officer or director position, at the close of the nomination period, that nominee will be declared elected per the established PNWVHFS election policy. Where more than one nomination is received for a position, an election will be held for that/those position/s only.

Respectfully submitted to the membership on July 31, 2007.

Jim Aguirre, Secretary-Treasurer