Updated 2020-05-03

Digital Modes

Last Update: May 3, 2020

WSJT Software (off-site) provides a rich set of tools for the VHF operator including FT8, EME and Meteor Scatter.

VHF+ Contesting and the Digital Modes (off-site) by Marshall K5QE for digital mode tips.

Common Frequencies

In the Pacific Northwest, the VHF frequencies (our watering holes) for digital modes are:

Band FT8 MSK144
6 m 50.313 MHz 50.260 MHz
2 m 144.174 MHz 144.150 MHz
1¼ m 222.080 MHz 222.080 MHz Digital modes share this frequency. Very little regional activity.
70 cm 432.174 MHz MSK144 ? Not much WSJT activity except contests.
1296 1296.074 MHz MSK144 ? No WSJT activity.

Questions and updates to our e-mail reflector (off-site) while these details get settled.