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2013 News

December 24, 2013

CQ VHF Magazine

CQ VHF Magazine

CQ Communications Inc will stop publishing CQ VHF magazine after Feb 2014.
See announcement. (off-site)

December 15, 2013

Barry K7BWH

New Members

Welcome to our newest member Etienne K7ATN (Portland).

December 3, 2013

Barry K7BWH

2009 Conference Proceedings

The 2009 Proceedings has been added to the Society website.

Remember that great article about Stacking Antennas?
And do you remember this?
2009 VHF Conference group photo

Eventually I hope to also add 2010 and 2011 proceedings as my spare time permits. This is a slow process and takes awhile.

By the way, I improved the appearance when you print one of these web pages. (Go ahead, check it out in "print preview".) After all, the navigation bar serves no purpose on paper so we might as well save the space. And since the paper's background is white instead of black, the printed colors are adjusted accordingly for improved contrast.

November 23, 2013

Barry K7BWH

Poodle Dog & Buster's BBQ

11/23 – Fine food and good company at Buster's BBQ:
Buster's BBQ lunch Marc W7PJ, Tom KE7SW, Jim K7ND, Barry K7BWH, Stan KG7P, Jerry W7IEW, Jerry K0JJ, Hal N7NW, Chuck AF8Z, Dave K7RWT, Lou WA7GCS, Bruce KI7JA, Mike KB7ME, Wayne AI9Q, Ron N7EA, Kevin WH6KO, Bob KB7ADO, Pete K0VIZ

11/16 – Ten of us enjoyed breakfast at the Poodle Dog:
Mark W7PJ, Tom KE7SW, Jim K7ND, Barry K7BWH, Gary WA7BBJ, Merle W7YOZ, Mike KD7TS, Bob W7BA, Rod WE7X, Robin WA7YOQ

November 8, 2013

Barry K7BWH

2013 Conference Proceedings

Check out the new Conference Proceedings web page, including the presentations seen during the sessions. The Proceedings are online instead of mailing disks.

October 31, 2013

Eric N7EPD

New Officers for 2014

At the 19th Annual Conference in Moses Lake, we elected new officers.
Congratulations to Gary Lewis WA7BBJ for becoming our new President.

Also, Gabor VE7JH was elected as the BC director and Jim K7YO for Oregon. Staying on as directors are Mark W7MEM for Idaho, Mark K7HPT for EWA and Barry K7BWH for WWA. All terms begin Nov 1st.

Welcome to the new officers of the PNWVHFS and thank to the others for sticking with it for another 2 years! See the Officers, Directors and Staff page for a complete listing and email addresses. Welcome aboard!

October 30, 2013

Barry K7BWH

New Members

Welcome to our new members Cameron KC7ITP (Yakima) and Steven KE7IHG (Portland).

Oct 26, 2013

Barry K7BWH

Group Photo with Callsigns

We now have names on the group photo: 2013 PNWVHFS Conference in Moses Lake
Everyone has been identified; thanks for your help.

Oct 12, 2013

Barry K7BWH

Conference Highlights

Congratulations to these significant award winners:

Our lucky door prize winners are:

With a huge thank-you to both Yaesu and Icom for their generous donations of great equipment.

Sept 10, 2013

Barry K7BWH

Welcome New Members

Welcome to our newest members Erik K7QOG and Victor WB7OAF. Both have also registered for the conference and ordered engraved badges.

Sept 10, 2013

Barry K7BWH

Website for Mobile Devices

I changed the website layout to better fit mobile devices. In particular, this improves the appearance on the iPhone and iPad, and makes the desktop column widths a bit wider.

Aug 15, 2013

Barry K7BWH

Name Badge Group Purchase

Buy your society name badge with our engraved logo. Group purchase is now taking orders. Use the latest conference registration form to place an order.

Read all about the group purchase on the Club Logo Gear page.

Aug 10, 2013

Jim K7ND

Breakfast at Poodle Dog

Join us for breakfast on Aug 10 at the Poodle Dog. There will be hats. Lots of hats. Bring money.   cu jim k7nd   sec/tres pnwvhfs (email)

July 27, 2013

Jim K7ND

Hats, Hats, Hats

Most folks have quite a few t-shirts with the conference logo or the plain society logo. The boss said no more t-shirts. Enough already.

So I got hats. Quite a few hats actually. Dark blue hats with either a light blue or gray/white logo. Fairly heavy fabric, maybe a bit of wool. One size fits all, baseball type of hat.

Price: If you are signed up for the conference $5.00. If not, $10.00
Shipping: No shipping charge if you pick up from me, otherwise shipping is flat rate $5.00.

Checks payable to PNWVHFS, can be sent to me to reserve hat.

I'm hoping to be at the Vancouver hamfest Aug 24th, 2013. There might be a breakfast at the Poodle Dog on Sat 8/10 after the UHF contest. You can pay me when you pick up a hat, just let me know in advance if you want one.

Lots of hats.

cu jim k7nd
sec/tres pnwvhfs (email)

July 13, 2013


Buster's BBQ Lunch

We had a great turnout for the Group Luncheon in Portland today with 16 people. Afterward, several of us went and invaded HRO.

Attending: Dave NY7C, Cynthia KA7ZIJ, Tom KE7SW, Eric N7EPD, Ron N7EA, Kevin WH6KO, Chuck AF8Z, Pete K0VIZ, Bruce KI7JA, Mike KB7ME, Dan K7SMA, Marc KD7RYY, Jim K7ND, Bob W6VSV, Lou WA7GCS, Randy N7HNX

I hope that we don’t have to wait another year for another one of these get togethers. Thanks to all who attended, and we hope to see those who did not attend next time. 73, Bruce KI7JA

PNWVHFS lunch at Busters BBQ, Portland, Oregon

June 29, 2013

Barry K7BWH

Poodle Dog Breakfast

Casual wet-side breakfast at the Poodle Dog in Fife.
(l-r) Jim K7ND, Stan KG7P, Tom KE7SW, Randy N7HNX, Merle W7YOZ, Barry K7BWH, Bob N7QOZ, Eric N7EPD, Jesse KB7PSG, Jerry W7IEW
(not shown) Casey K7JX, Sandy AB7CS, Hal N7NW
Poodle Dog breakfast June 29, 2013 Poodle Dog breakfast June 29, 2013

June 26, 2013

Barry K7BWH

New Members!

The society welcomes our newest members Kevin NB1A along with Kevin N7AND, Richard W7BHP and William W7KXB.

May 31, 2013


Sea-Pac Convention

PNWVHFS was at the ARRL PNW Convention (off-site) providing QSL card-checking toward the VUCC award.

Welcome to our new member Hal N7NW!

May 11, 2013

Barry K7BWH

VUCC Card Checking

PNWVHFS was at the Stanwood Hamfest (off-site) today, providing QSL card-checking toward the VUCC award.

Next up is Sea-Pac (off-site) in Seaside, Oregon on May 31 - June 2 where we will have a table. Come see us, and we can check your QSL cards for VUCC.

February 8, 2013


New Members!

The society welcomes Jack AD7FO and Steven N7IO.

You can join us, too! See our online application form.

January 9, 2013

Member Map "More Info" Link

Barry K7BWH

The member map page now offers a “more information” link to the QRZ.com page for each callsign.

How it works:

  • When you hover the mouse over a map marker, a balloon pops up listing the members in the 6-digit grid square.
  • Alongside each callsign is a red link.
  • Click on the red “more info” link to open a new tab or window showing the member’s QRZ.com information.

The PNWVHFS map will continue to show accuracy to only within a few miles. The ambiguity is designed to help protect your privacy because these web pages are open to the world. But lots more information is just a few clicks away, and it’s all under your own control at QRZ.com.

Please note you should still tell us about your roster changes (callsign, city, state grid). The fancy dancy googley map is drawn directly from the data on our membership roster page.

February 18, 2013

9:15 am by Barry K7BWH

Call for Conference Papers

The Pacific Northwest VHF Society is looking for speakers and papers and topics for our next conference. Please send your abstract to the secretary, secretary@pnwvhfs.org (email).

January 5, 2013

Barry K7BWH

Membership Map

We replaced the external guest map page with our own new member map: Member Map

The old guest map has serious functional problems and it recently forgot many guests who were previously on the map. The domain owner has not responded to emails, so next month I'll delete and close that account.

Instead, I wrote our own new Member Map page from our roster.

After all, we already have everyone's location stored in the roster so why not draw the map. The grid square data was updated in 2010 by Mike KD7TS and is probably reasonably accurate. However, it does imply that members will request updates by email to the webmaster.

The new map can take a few minutes to load. Locations are shown for members' 6-digit grid location (about four miles across by three miles high). It does not identify a member’s house, for privacy concerns. All pushpins are in the center of a grid rectangle that contains their house or PO box or their requested grid square.

You can mouse over a marker to see a list of members in that grid. Pan and zoom the map to see more members. This is built on the Google Maps API.