Call for Contest Scores and Soapbox Comments

To provide faster feedback on how the contest went for those of us here in the Pacific Northwest, the Contest Chairman will post all scores (from stations within British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon and Washington) that are submitted.

We will also post Soapbox Comments and information from portable and rover stations.

Please submit your logs (Cabrillo format preferred) as an attachment to (email) You should also include the information that is normally found on the Contest Summary Sheet for each particular contest. For most contests, this simply means adding as a CC to your email log submission to ARRL or CQ.

After Action Reports (AARs) can be submitted as either an email message or as a Word document attached to an email. AARs can be in just about any format from the "blow-by-blow" account of your effort to a summary of things that went right/wrong and lessons learned.

Scores posted will be derived from contest summary sheets. These scores will also be used to award the PNWVHFS Parallel Awards.

Logs will only be used to derive grids "Worked" and "Worked From" totals for the annual PNWVHFS awards.