OWL G/T 144 MHz Yagi Line
InnovAntennas Announcement

2014 PNWVHFS Conference - Seaside
Oct 10, 2014

Force 12 and InnovAntennas are pleased to announce a new breakthrough in high-performance VHF Yagi:

The OWL-G/T™ (Optimized Wideband Low-impedance)
High-gain Low-noise 144 MHz Yagi Line

InnovAntennas 8-Element OWL-G/T™

The OWL-G/T utilizes the high gain capability of low-impedance Yagis in a design concept that controls side and rear lobes in an effort to maximize the all important G/T factor that balances gain and noise temperature considerations.

In some environments, “warm earth” noise (as opposed to man-made noise) is the limiting factor in very weak signal detection, particularly on moonbounce (EME) circuits. For those with quiet locations, a higher gain antenna can produce better results than one designed for maximum side-and rear-lobe rejection (the latter being preferred in city and suburban environments). This is where the G/T factor, which provides a figure of merit that recognizes both gain and low noise contributions of a design, comes into play, and the OWL-G/T™ series of 144 MHz Yagis yields the highest G/T factor per unit of boom length of any on the market.

Ideal for stacking, the OWL-G/T™ utilizes a folded-dipole driven element to provide a 50-Ohm feed impedance without any other loss-inducing matching network. Through-the-boom uninsulated elements are used to minimize eddy currents. The result is light weight and quick deployment capability for Rover, EME expedition, or DX-pedition use.

InnovAntennas 9-element Yagi for 2 meters

Imagine having a 9-element Yagi for 2 meters that weighs only eight and a half pounds, has a boom length of 14'-5”, and yet it gives you 14.74 dBi of free space gain, with 3-D rear lobe reduction of 25 dB or more? The 9-element OWL-G/T in a 4-bay array will develop approximately 20.73 dBi of free space gain (18.58 dB over a dipole), and does not require a heavy support structure.

InnovAntennas supplies ferrite bead baluns, matched phasing lines, 4-port power dividers, and H-frames to provide a turnkey EME system that will log you hundreds of initials.

OWL G/T pattern

The clean pattern of the OWL-G/T™ comes from hours of optimization work by design master Justin Johnson, G0KSC, renowned for his development of the Loop-Fed Array (LFA) beams that have become well known for the ultra low noise performance.

Controlling all unwanted lobes, while modeling in 3-D using NEC-4's powerful and accurate engine, Justin has worked hard to formulate a line of Yagis specifically enhancing G/T, making them truly ideal for EME ops with quiet locations and high hopes for lots of DX. The OWL-G/T's clean pattern keeps stacking lobes from growing excessively, and you'll hear more DX on an array of OWL G/Ts!

Contact Chip Margelli, K7JA at 888-998-8541 x103 or Chip@force12inc.com (email) for more information about OWL-G/T™ and other InnovAntennas beams.

Reprinted by permission, ©2014 RF Acquisitions International, Inc.