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InnovAntennas America Announces North American Availability of The World's Highest Performing VHF Yagis By Boom Length: The Optimized Wideband Low-impedance (OWL G/T™) High Gain / Low-Noise Antennas

Seaside, Oregon, October 10, 2014: At the 2014 Pacific Northwest VHF Conference, InnovAntennas America's Chip Margelli, K7JA has announced the North American availability of a new line of ultra-high performance VHF Yagis produced by its affiliated company InnovAntennas Ltd. (UK), branded “Optimized Wideband Low-impedance Yagi G/T” and also known more concisely as “OWL G/Ttm.”

InnovAntennas 8-Element OWL-G/T™
8-Element 144 MHz OWL-G/T™

OWL G/T™ antennas are optimized for weak signal VHF applications including EME (moonbounce), meteor-scatter and other demanding modes — applications where both antenna gain and 3-D minimization of side and rear lobes are critical, hence the 'G/T' model suffix.

G/T is a figure of merit for antenna performance where G is the antenna gain in dB at the design frequency and T is the equivalent noise temperature of the antenna in Kelvins. Justin Johnson, GOKSC designed the OWL G/Tm models with very high gain and low antenna temperature figures to achieve results best suited for the mid-VHF frequencies, in particular 2 meters. The OWL-G/T*™ models boast the highest gain per foot of boom and, consequently, class-leading G/T figures.

All OWL G/T™ antennas marry a high gain, low-impedance Yagi design with a folded dipole wide-bandwidth feeder cell which results in a direct 50-Ohm impedance and with an overall design objective of making these beams ideal for stacking. The though-the-boom element construction utilizes elements electrically connected to the boom to reduce eddy currents; what's more, they're very light in weight, important when building a multi-antenna array. The light weight of the OWL-G/T™ Yagis also makes them ideal for rover and DXpedition deployment.

“You get more gain and better signal-to-noise ratio per unit of boom length with these antennas than with any other VHF beam,” notes InnovAntennas America/Force 12's Chip Margelli, K7JA. “These new designs will bring a new generation of moonbounce and portable operators onto the VHF bands and motivate veteran weak signal operators to upgrade their antenna systems. Also, we think OWL G/T™ pricing will pleasantly surprise hams.”

The new OWL G/T™ product line is available now in North America via InnovAntennas America (www.innovantennas.com (off-site)) and the Force 12 Superstore (www.Force12inc.com (off-site)). Overseas customers can order from InnovAntennas.com.

InnovAntennas OWL G/Ttm SKUs

Model SKU Free-Space Gain  Boom Length  Weiqht 
144-OWL-7-GT 13.0 dBi 10' 3.7 lbs.
144-OWL-8-GT 14.0 dBi 13'5” 6.1 lbs.
144-OWL-9-GT 14.74 dBi 14'5" 8.5 lbs.
144-OWL- 10-GT  15.27 dBi 19'2" 9.0 lbs.
More 144 MHz OWL G/T models coming soon.

About InnovAntennas, Ltd.

Justin Johnson, GOKSC, launched Canvey, England-based InnovAntennas, Ltd. in 2011 after his antenna designing hobby led to a flood of requests to “please build one for me” from amateur radio operators who recognized that Johnson’s designs outperformed anything they could buy from a store. Johnson’s world famous antennas, which include the LFA-Loop Fed Array, OP-DES, LFA-Q, LFA-R and many other design breakthroughs, are available at www.InnovAntennas.com, www.innovantennas.com and via a worldwide dealer network including the Force 12 Superstore North America.

About Force 12

Force 12 was founded in the early ‘90s and has sold tens of thousands of their innovative antenna designs including the XR, C, Delta, Magnum, Sigma and SVDA Series and low profile “LPT” towers. In 2013 Force 12 was purchased by RF Acquisitions International of Grand Junction, Colorado, and is affiliated with InnovAntennas, Ltd.

The Force 12 Superstore features a complete selection of Force 12’s own products along with AlfaSpid rotators, the 403A Signature line of triplexers, filters and station automation, low noise VHF and UHF preamps from SSB Electronic, rotator and coax cable and other accessories. Force 12 is the North American distributor for the famous InnovAntennas antennas, power splitters, H-Frames and other products designed by Justin Johnson, GOKSC.


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Justin Johnson, GOKSC

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