2006 Vendor Links

Kuhne (DB6NT) — has many transverter and microwave products at www.kuhne-electronic.de (off-site) We include here the 2008 Kuhne Catalog (PDF)  and the 2008 Kuhne price list (PDF)  for your historical pleasure.

Planar and big wheel antennas: — WiMo www.wimo.com (off-site). Their US distributor, SSB USA www.ssbusa.com/ham.html (off-site) also offers amplifiers and transverters.

M2 — is a manufacturer of a full line of high performance and now their Starter Series (SS) antennas. They can be found at www.m2inc.com (off-site) You can read the 2008 M2 catalog (PDF)  and 2008 M2 price list (PDF) 

Radio Mobile — is an invaluable VHF/UHF propagation tool generously provided at no charge. It is being constantly updated with the latest release available from www.cplus.org/rmw/english1.html (off-site) Version 9.3.8 is included in our utilities page.

Kuni Okuma W7JV — providesIcom and other radio repair at www.w7jv.com (off-site) He's a great radio technician and prices his services fairly.

MaxGain Systems — provides fiberglass rod & tubing: at www.mgs4u.com/fiberglass-tube-rod.htm (off-site) Wide selection, fair prices and nice people to deal with.

Dillsburg Aeroplane Works — provides aluminum tubing. Good selection and prices; will cut to standard lengths. Unfortunately, they don't have a web page or e-mail in 2008.
114 Sawmill Road, Dillsburg, Pa 17019
Tel: 717/384-5865 Fax: 717/432-4589.

Performance modifications — pictures and manuals: www.mods.dk (off-site)

Antenna projects — collected by AC6V www.ac6v.com/antprojects.htm (off-site)

Long Yagi Designwww.ifwtech.co.uk/g3sek/diy-yagi/ (off-site)

VHF/UHF mono and multi-band quad antennaswww.cubex.com (off-site)

43 element 2m long yagi from VE7BQHwww.bigskyspaces.com/w7gj/longyagi.htm (off-site)

4 halo stack for 70cm www.kr1st.com/70cmstack.htm (off-site)

VHF/UHF Yagis from Directive Systemswww.directivesystems.com (off-site)

Many VHF Weak Signal Resources by K7XCk7xc.tripod.com (off-site)

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