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2020 News

February 5, 2020

Bill N7EU

Rogue Valley VHF Lunch Report

We held our monthly RVVHF Group lunch meeting on February 5th at the Centennial Grill. Attendance of the following operators are: N7EU Bill, KD6UIH Bob, WA7DCG Don, WC7R Steve, K7GT Allan, WB7VUF Lyle, K6KSI Gerald, N7LJC Larry, KJ7JAL Jeff, and KD6DVR Ed.

We all had a good lunch and various discussion about ham radio. Larry showed us pictures of equipment used in his career. Steve shared his experience with a 50 amp hour Bioenno battery he purchased. Quite a few of us are now running the IC9700 radio.

Bill N8EU

January 8, 2020

Bill N7EU

Rogue Valley VHF Lunch - Jackson County, OR - CN82

The Rogue Valley VHF group had their monthly meeting a week late because of the holiday schedule. KD6UIH brought along a Lithium Iron battery that weighed 11 pounds and provided 50 amp/hr of power. Quite a few of us are researching these types of batteries for emergency use and off the grid power for our ham stations. KD6UIH and N7RBP are in the lead regarding running their stations off the grid. Both have solar/battery set ups to run off the grid now and are improving their systems all the time.

Other discussions were about operating on VHF. K7GT has acquired the new IC-9700. N7LRC brought in another example of his 3D printing skills. Larry showed us a mobile bracket he made for his mobile radio.

In attendance were Bill N7EU, Claire KC7ARX, Larry N7LRC, Walter KC7HEX and XYL, Allan K7GT, Ed KD6DVR, Bob KD6UIH, Jerry K6KSI, Leroy WB7VUF, Bob N7RBP and XYL.

Bill N8EU