CQ and ARRL Parallel Awards

Awarded by the Pacific Northwest VHF Society (PNWVHFS) in conjunction with the major VHF+ contests to the amateur from the PNWVHFS region (Idaho, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia) who posts the highest scores in each of these contests.

Eligible Contests:

CQ 6&2 and all ARRL contests 50 MHz and higher.

Award classes:

Same classes as are used by the major officiating body.

To be eligible, forward copies of your submitted logs to contests@pnwvhfs.org (email) including the summary sheet information. If you do not submit electronic logs send your email to contests@pnwvhfs.org (email) for information about where to send your hard copy log. Scores for PNWVHFS region will be posted on the PNWVHFS website. The PNWVHFS award committe will not score or cross-check the logs. The awards will be announced shortly after the contest (hopefully within 45 days) and formally presented each year at the annual meeting of the PNWVHFS.

Only those logs submitted to the PNWVHFS awards chair by the official deadline of the sponsor of the contest (ARRL, CQ, etc) will be considered and posted on the website.

The PNWVHFS Award committee reserves the right to issue awards only when significant competition existed as evidenced by submitted logs (3 or more logs must be submitted for each class).