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2018 News

December 30, 2018


Microwave Test Session at Frank's House

The meeting started out with some measurement of receiver sensitivities and show and tells of the latest gadgets. At 11 AM most of the group proceeded to the staging area on Frank's patio.

The first testing of 903 and 1296 was done by John, W7FU, who had successful contacts doing the bounce down to Mike, KD7TS off of the Olympics. Next Pablo made his first "real" contacts with Mike on both 903 and 1296 using the W1GHZ transverters. Frank, AG6QV, made a solid contact with Mike on 10 GHZ. Signals were quite loud on both ends. I tried my older homebrew 10G transverter and had a successful contact with Mike. I then tried my new W1GHZ transverter (with a 200 mW amplifier) and a dish built by KD7UO - another successful contact. I next tried my W1GHZ transverter with a 17 dBi horn - success (this surprised me). Finally I had an LNA that I picked up from somewhere whose input was a WR-75 waveguide. I hooked it up to my W1GHZ transverter and was able to copy Mike's CW with no horn - just the waveguide. This one really surprised to me.

After testing the transverters that were ready to test several of us - Barry (AC7MD), Dale (KD7UO) and I (W7GLF) drove to Mike's house and set up a test bench in his driveway for more testing. Dale tested his 10368 1 watt amplifier that he received from Doug (K6JEY) and sure enough it was putting out a watt. Everything looked good for Dale to get on the air at our next meeting. We also spent time trying to figure out why Barry's system was not putting out much power at the LO (like -31 dBm instead of +8 dBm) but shortly it was getting dark by this time so we had to break up - Barry is going to research it further.

Next time I will concentrate on getting Nick and Fred and Mariana (she was on holiday and so missed this test session) ready and testing.

Much thanks for Rod, WE7X, for providing the VHF coordination to Mike and to Dale for bringing his loop yagis for 903 and 1296. It was great to see K7BWH stop by for a visit.

The estimated path length was 72 miles (assuming the bounce was off of an Olympic mountain near Brinnon in line with Port Orchard). This is totally a guess on my part - others may have better idea of the distance.

I cannot think of a more enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


December 5, 2018

Bill Martin N7EU

Rogue Valley, Medford, Oregon

We held our monthly VHF meeting/lunch on December 5th Wednesday with 9 attending. We meet the first Wednesday of the month for lunch at the Centennial Grill in Medford, Oregon.

Walter has joined Bob KD6UIH and Rob N7RFD on 2 meter SSB mobile. We now have three active 2 meter SSB mobiles in the Rogue Valley.

Bob brought in for show and tell UHF gear for the local MESH network quite a few hams are now activating in the Valley.

Gerry now has a shiny new low band Icom radio.

This month's lunch roster: KC7HEX Walter, KC7ARX Claire, N7EU Bill, WA7DCG Don, KD6UIH Bob, K6KSI Gerry, KG7YFB Bob, N7RBP Bob, and K7GT Allan.

We all had a good lunch and spent about 2 hours talking about a variety of topics, ham and otherwise.

Bill Martin N7EU, Scribe for Rogue Valley VHF

November 7, 2018

Bill Martin N7EU

Rogue Valley VHF Luncheon

We had 12 show up for lunch on November 7th at the Centennial Grill. We all had a good lunch and stayed for two hours talking about various ham radio subjects.

Steve KW5V showed us pictures of his new vertical antenna for the low bands. He also gave a report on the Eyewarn net he is net commander of. Steve's last subject was a reminder of the SET exercise this week with Jackson County ARES.

Bob KG7YFB showed us his new magnetic mount for vertical on his vehicle and Bob KD6UIH demonstrated D-STAR capabilities. Gerry K6KSI asked the group to find a solution for grounding his mobile antenna installation. I think we all gave him more ideas to try.

We wrapped up the lunch at about 2:30PM. Amazing how much time we spend talking away. It was good to see Bob K7JBU, who's battle with brain cancer marches on.

Lunch Roster: KW5V Steve, N7RFD Rob, KD6UIH Bob, K6KSI Gerry, KL1XI David, WB7VLF Lyle, KG7YFB Bob, KC7ARX Claire, N7RBP Bob, KC7HEX Walter, K7JBU Bob, and N7EU Bill.

Bill Martin N7EU, Scribe for Rogue Valley VHF

October 28, 2018

Nick N0CYT

Microwave Build Report

The last Sunday of the month session was very good. Frank is always such a wonderful host providing coffee and treats to go with.

Attending were 8-9 people; Frank, Ray, Mike, Phil, Rod, John, Pablo, Fred and myself.

Pablo already had much of his equipment (902 & 1296 + a GPS locked synthesizer with 2 displays (GPS and synthesizer) in enclosures since our last session. Ray brought his test equipment so everyone who was ready could tune up the gear. John gave a mini-update from his trip to MUD. Rod brought some filters to tune on his Rigol SA. Fred brought his X9 LO to tune up but had an issue with the board and is troubleshooting it. I had not completed everything so was not ready to test yet. Some of us bought small enclosures from Mike so we can get started with that.

I am probably missing a few things but that was the gist of it. Both Fred and I had a great time at Seaside.

Nick N0CYT

October 13, 2018

Barry K7BWH

Chuck N6KW - Lifetime Achievement Award

Chuck Miller N6KW

Chuck Miller N6KW is awarded our highest honor, the KB6KQ Excellence Award:    "For his many years of support in accumulating and processing contest logs, reporting contest results, and presenting the Society’s awards at the annual conference. This has been rewarding for everyone and, in turn, grants local recognition for all the great on-the-air activity in the Pacific Northwest."

Ray W7GLF - 2018 VHFer of the Year

Ray Cannon W7GLF, 2018 VHFer of the Year

Ray Cannon W7GLF is our 2018 VHFer of the Year:   "For kickstarting regional microwave activity by starting a new microwave email reflector, organizing projects and purchases and build activity, providing technical advice and programming, and helping hams get on 10 GHz and other microwave bands."

This award was announced at our 2018 conference. It is given to the amateur in the Pacific Northwest who has gone above and beyond the call to further VHF+ activity. We all appreciate his work and support to help new VHFers expand their skills and equipment into microwave activity.

Susan Telewski WB7BST - Honorable Mention

Susan Telewski WB7BST receives an honorable mention:    "Susan has kept the 1296 net going even when the check-ins have dropped to a very low count. Without the weekly net, the interest in 1296 MHz would collapse except for during contests. The net provides a very valuable way to check new equipment and test changes and repairs on our systems. Susan’s weekly email about the 1296 net maintains awareness and encourages new activity."

Barry K7BWH
Board of Directors

October 3, 2018

Bill Martin N7EU

Rogue Valley VHF Luncheon

Twelve hams come to lunch today at the Centennial Grill in Medford, Oregon.

Discussion revolved around the change of the season and activity dropping off on the bands. Claire and I are the only ones that will be attending the conference in Seaside. We will report back to the group next month on our observations.

Steve showed us some plans for a new vertical antenna. Also ideas were exchanged on 'stealth' antennas for HOA neighborhoods. Lyle and David talked about the satellite activity.

Attending were: Steve KW5V, John (a newly minted ham waiting for his call sign), David KL1XI, Jason KI7ITJ, Bob N7RBP, Bob KD6UIH, Bob K7JBU, Bob KG7YFB, Lyle WB7VUF, Gerry K6KSI, Claire KC7ARX, and Bill N7EU.

Bill Martin N7EU, Scribe for RVVHFS

September 5, 2018

Bill Martin N7EU

Rogue Valley VHF Luncheon

Today we had 11 members attend the lunch gathering. In attendance were Bill N7EU, Claire KC7ARX, David KL1XI, Don WA7DCG, Bob KG7YFB, Walt KC7HEX, Bob N7RBP, Allan K7GT, Gerry K6KSI, Lyle WB7VUF and Bob K7JBU.

Our newest member is Walt KC7HEX. Walt is a friend of Bob's (N7RBP) from Klamath Falls who has just moved into the area. We are hoping Walt will be on 2 meter SSB soon.

Our special guest was Bob K7JBU who hitched a ride with Bob KF7YFB. It was nice to see JBU Bob at the lunch and I am sure he was happy to see all of us.

Allan discussed his rafting ventures and preparing for the California QSO party possibly from a high vantage point with his KX3. He is planning to operate low bands and 2 meter SSB.

David KL1XI is reducing the size of his station and has some equipment for sale. In particular he is looking for someone to buy his satellite antennas.

We all had a good lunch and hung around the table for a good 2 hours conversing about all subjects at hand concerning ham radio.

Bill Martin N7EU

August 25, 2018

Fred N7FW

First Microwave Builders Meeting: 1296 MHz

We had a very nice turn-out for today's build at Frank's house. Opening with a round of introductions and where everyone was at in their build process. We talked about 1296 operations and what to expect from the build. Discussion was about the Arduino and ADF4350 integration for our local oscillator. We then broke out and addressed as many issues as possible, with many questions getting answered and LO's functioning.

The topic of 10Ghz came up and was quite lively. I think we may know what the next build will be!

In attendance: Frank AG6QV, Ray W7GLF, Nick N0CYT, Pablo KI7OSL, Mariana WA7EE, John W7FU, Nick WB7PEK, Dale KD7UO, Rod WE7X, Fred N7FW

If you missed the gathering, it's never too late join the PNW Microwave Group. Thanks everyone, I had a great time, looking forward to next gathering.

Fred N7FW

August 14, 2018

Barry K7BWH

ARRL Award Certificates

We added a new web page to admire our K7VHF Awards. Visit this to bask in the glory of VHF-UHF-Microwave operation in the society. All seriousness aside, we have some pretty darn good operators in our midst.

Now that ARRL is making award certificates available online (off-site) it's a simple matter to download them for the PNWVHFS, yourself or anyone else.

Barry K7BWH

August 1, 2018

Bill N7EU

August 1st Lunch, Rogue Valley

A lot of the guys got caught flat footed this month. We have our lunch on the first Wednesday of the month. Well in August that was August 1st! So a lot of the guys missed the lunch. We did have a few brave souls that ventured in the smoke for the lunch meeting. We ate inside because of the smoke from the fires.

We meet the first Wednesday of the month for lunch at the Centennial Grill in Medford, Oregon.

In attendance were: KC7ARX Claire, N7EU Bill, WA7DCG Don, N7RFD Rob, KD6UIH Bob, K6KSI Gerry, KL1XI David, and N7RBP Bob.

The big subject of discussion was the fires and how we are coping with the smoke! Gerry mentioned JCARES was on standby if needed for emergency communications but so far no need.

Mostly we talked about some of the new rigs coming out this year.

Bob KG7YFB and I have coffee once a week with Bob K7JBU at the senior living community where Bob lives. We keep K7JBU in the loop with what's happening in the ham community.

Bill N7EU

July 11, 2018

Bill N7EU

July Lunch Report for Rogue Valley VHF Group

We held our monthly lunch meeting on July 11th instead of the first Wednesday of the month which was July 4th.

In attendance on 7/11 were: Claire KC7ARX, Bill N7EU, KL1XI David, KW5V Steve, Don WA7DCG, Bob KD6UIH, Gerry K6KSI, Lyle WB7VUF and Marco KF7MYJ.

David brought some gear for sale and deals were made. Discussions were about the 6 meter openings and the latest satellite passes.

Bill N7EU

May 2, 2018

Bill N7EU

Rogue Valley Get-Together in May

Don and Bob (KD6UIH) showed off their Comet refurbished antenna analyzers. They bought the "old" model at a greatly reduced price.

Bob (KG7YFB) gave Matt a duo 70cm/2 meter yagi for satellite work.

Allan talked about the up and coming 7th call-area QSO Party and discussed his SOTA plans on VHF later this Summer.

Nine hams attended the lunch on May 2nd Wednesday at the Centennial Grill: N7EU Bill, WA7DCG Don, KI7ONN Matt, K6KSI Gerry, KD6UIH Bob, K7GT Allan, WB7VUF Lyle, KG7YFB Bob, and N7RFD Rob.

We all had a good lunch and convened about 2 hours later.

Bill N7EU, Scribe

April 4, 2018

Bill N7EU

Monthly luncheon at the Centennial Grill on April 4th in Medford Oregon

Lunch started at 12:30 and as usual concluded almost 2 1/2 hours later after a lot of conversation.

  • Allan K7GT gave us an update on the repairs to the 145.41 machine that we use for local FM coverage.
  • Bob K7JBU was able to join us for lunch.
  • Bob N7RBP demonstrated the use of the SDR remote receivers for monitoring your on the air signal from his smart phone.
  • KW5V Steve gave a short report on his future presentation to the CARES club regarding his Go Box.
  • KL1XI David told us about the satellite work he is doing.

We had 9 hams join us for our monthly luncheon at the Centennial Grill on April 4th in Medford Oregon: K7JBU Bob, K7GT Allan, KD6UIH Bob, N7RBP Bob, WB7VUF Lyle, KG7YFB Bob, KW5V Steve, KL1XI David, and N7EU Bill.

Bill N7EU, Scribe