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2018 News

August 14, 2018

Barry K7BWH

ARRL Award Certificates

We added a new web page to admire our K7VHF Awards. Visit this to bask in the glory of VHF-UHF-Microwave operation in the society. All seriousness aside, we have some pretty darn good operators in our midst.

Now that ARRL is making award certificates available online (off-site) it's a simple matter to download them for the PNWVHFS, yourself or anyone else.

Barry K7BWH

August 1, 2018

Bill N7EU

August 1st Lunch, Rogue Valley

A lot of the guys got caught flat footed this month. We have our lunch on the first Wednesday of the month. Well in August that was August 1st! So a lot of the guys missed the lunch. We did have a few brave souls that ventured in the smoke for the lunch meeting. We ate inside because of the smoke from the fires.

We meet the first Wednesday of the month for lunch at the Centennial Grill in Medford, Oregon.

In attendance were: KC7ARX Claire, N7EU Bill, WA7DCG Don, N7RFD Rob, KD6UIH Bob, K6KSI Gerry, KL1XI David, and N7RBP Bob.

The big subject of discussion was the fires and how we are coping with the smoke! Gerry mentioned JCARES was on standby if needed for emergency communications but so far no need.

Mostly we talked about some of the new rigs coming out this year.

Bob KG7YFB and I have coffee once a week with Bob K7JBU at the senior living community where Bob lives. We keep K7JBU in the loop with what's happening in the ham community.

Bill N7EU

July 11, 2018

Bill N7EU

July Lunch Report for Rogue Valley VHF Group

We held our monthly lunch meeting on July 11th instead of the first Wednesday of the month which was July 4th.

In attendance on 7/11 were: Claire KC7ARX, Bill N7EU, KL1XI David, KW5V Steve, Don WA7DCG, Bob KD6UIH, Gerry K6KSI, Lyle WB7VUF and Marco KF7MYJ.

David brought some gear for sale and deals were made. Discussions were about the 6 meter openings and the latest satellite passes.

Bill N7EU

May 2, 2018

Bill N7EU

Rogue Valley Get-Together in May

Don and Bob (KD6UIH) showed off their Comet refurbished antenna analyzers. They bought the "old" model at a greatly reduced price.

Bob (KG7YFB) gave Matt a duo 70cm/2 meter yagi for satellite work.

Allan talked about the up and coming 7th call-area QSO Party and discussed his SOTA plans on VHF later this Summer.

Nine hams attended the lunch on May 2nd Wednesday at the Centennial Grill: N7EU Bill, WA7DCG Don, KI7ONN Matt, K6KSI Gerry, KD6UIH Bob, K7GT Allan, WB7VUF Lyle, KG7YFB Bob, and N7RFD Rob.

We all had a good lunch and convened about 2 hours later.

Bill N7EU, Scribe

April 4, 2018

Bill N7EU

Monthly luncheon at the Centennial Grill on April 4th in Medford Oregon

Lunch started at 12:30 and as usual concluded almost 2 1/2 hours later after a lot of conversation.

  • Allan K7GT gave us an update on the repairs to the 145.41 machine that we use for local FM coverage.
  • Bob K7JBU was able to join us for lunch.
  • Bob N7RBP demonstrated the use of the SDR remote receivers for monitoring your on the air signal from his smart phone.
  • KW5V Steve gave a short report on his future presentation to the CARES club regarding his Go Box.
  • KL1XI David told us about the satellite work he is doing.

We had 9 hams join us for our monthly luncheon at the Centennial Grill on April 4th in Medford Oregon: K7JBU Bob, K7GT Allan, KD6UIH Bob, N7RBP Bob, WB7VUF Lyle, KG7YFB Bob, KW5V Steve, KL1XI David, and N7EU Bill.

Bill N7EU, Scribe