How to Get Started in Weak Signal VHF

Weak signal VHF/UHF work can be one of the most addictive, rewarding and frustrating aspects of amateur radio. It is addictive because the thrill of making a contact right at the noise level, by reflecting your signal off the ionized trail of a meteor, catching a sporadic E opening or by bouncing your signal off the moon just can't be beat.

The reward can range just from the satisfaction of working a new station/grid/state/country, from earning one of the many rewards, or from seeing that new piece of equipment you spent countless hours designing, scrounging and building finally on the air and making contacts. And frustrating too after spending hour after hour listening to noise wondering if the other stations aren't all just parked in front of the TV watching football.

What do you need to get started?

To help answer that we present the articles "Beyond FM", originally published in a club newsletter and reprinted here  by permission of the author, Jim Aguirre W7DHC.