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14th Annual
2007 Pacific Northwest VHF Society Conference

September 28 - 30, 2007
Shilo Inn, Bend, Oregon

2007 Conference Group Photo
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2007 Presentations

2007 White Papers

  • SDR and Amateur Radio (PPT) 
    Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a hot topic among radio Amateurs today. SDR offers today's Amateur the ability to experiment, learn and contribute to this new and growing filed in a meaningful way, much like the Amateurs of the 20's and 30's contributed to the advancement of the radio art in their day. This presentation focuses on a major, grassroots SDR effort within Amateur radio.
    Presented by Lyle KK7P at the Microhams Digital Conference 2007.
  • WSJT Meteor Scatter and Propagation Visualization (WMV) 
    Looking at tropo, meteor scatter and jet aircraft Doppler signals with DSP programs (ARGO, SPECTRAN and WSJT). Includes WSJT primer. ARGO and SPECTRAN are included in the Utilities section of the 2007 Proceedings.
    Presented by Bob K7OFT at the Microhams Digital Conference 2007.

Don Krug K7HSJ — 2007 VHFer of the Year

Don Krug K7HSJ For promoting the growth of VHF activity, mentoring new operators and encouraging them to remain active in Central Oregon. He has also been a past director and hosted two previous society conferences.

Awards & Prizes

Barbara Alexander KD7OFC, winner of Icom IC-910h Icom IC-910h won by Barbara Alexander KD7OFC of Bellingham, WA

Al White KD6GIY (W7KHD), winner of Yaesu FT-857d Yaesu FT-857d won by Al White KD6GIY (later W7KHD) of Klamath Falls, WA



Icom Radio News, Volume 5 (WMV)  (15:09)
CQ Contest CQ Contest, this is K3LR... Come check out why this callsign is drawing all the attention in the contest world on the latest release of ICOM Radio News!
Reubens Tube Experiment (WMV)  (2:42)
See waveforms in flame! A speaker, tube and propane make for an interesting show.
ARRL Hello-Radio Video (WMV)  (4:05)
Short ham radio introduction
Katrina and Ham Radio (WMV)  (5:29)
Red Cross and Amateur Radio during the Katrina aftermath.
Broadband over Power Line (MPG)  (3:33)
This video clearly and concisely explains and depicts the threat of Broadband over Power Line (BPL) to Amateur Radio. The video, BPL and HF: A Primer, runs approximately three and one-half minutes (including credits). It's suitable for Amateur Radio club presentations as well as for non-ham audiences, such as the news media, civic clubs, local governments and emergency response agencies.
Peeking at Solar Loops up Close (September 14, 2007) (MPG)  (0:19)
With their 2048 x 2048 frame size and images as often as every 2.5 minutes, STEREO images in the extreme ultraviolet wavelength provides us with the opportunity to pick out any part of the Sun and zoom in for a much closer look. We picked out one active region (September 6, 2007) and magnified our view of that area 10 times from the image showing the entire Sun. Even with a full screen view of the original frame, details of this active region are difficult to discern. But, the close-up still and the movie frames reveal subtle details of lighter loops of plasma arcing and slowly changing above this active region. These trace the magnetic field lines that rise out, above, and connect back into the solar surface. The looping patterns shift and sway over this 15 hours period, but do not generate any solar storms.

For more STEREO image and movies, visit: http://stereo.gsfc.nasa.gov/ (off-site)
When the Solar Dynamics Observatory launches and begin operations in about year or so, it will offer much faster frame rates and even more detailed images of the Sun.

Halloween storms LASCO C2 (Oct 18 - Nov 7, 2003) (MPG)  (1:24)
Halloween storms EIT 195A (Oct 17 - Nov 5, 2003) (MPG)  (2:06)
Samples from 10 Years of EIT Observations (1996 - 2005) (MPG)  (0:50)
Images provided by Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) (off-site)


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