The Noise Floor

The official newsletter of the PNWVHFS is "The Noise Floor", created by Jim Aguire, W7DHC. The newsletter is published as material is available, and only in electronic form.

Regular publication of the newsletter is largely dependant upon submissions by the society membership. Got an idea? Contact our newsletter editor, Frank Bechdoldt, K3UHF, at (email) and get it published in the next edition!

2010 Spring (PDF) 
2008 Winter (PDF)  Summer (PDF) 
2007 Fall (PDF) 
2006 Winter (PDF)  Fall (PDF) 
2004 Spring (PDF)  Summer (PDF)  Fall (PDF) 
2003 Winter (PDF)  Spring (PDF) 
2002 Summer (PDF) 
2001 Winter (PDF) 

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or equivalent) to read the newsletter.
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